Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ Orchard, Garden & Vineyard Blends are an easy and inexpensive way to add the whole food nutrition of 25 fruits, veggies, berries & grains to your diet in a capsule or chewie form. “The Next Best Thing to Fruits and Veggies.”

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Tower Garden

Put a “farmer’s market” on your porch or patio. The Tower Garden is a unique, aeroponic growing system making it easy for anyone to grow your own fresh fruits and veggies at home without the use of soil. It only uses 10% of the water and land of a traditional garden and is fun for everyone.

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Omega 3 Supplements

Our bodies need quality omega 3s! The benefits of consuming EPA and DHA have been scientifically proven and are vast. EPA and DHA have been shown to enhance heart health, brain function, vision, and  the immune system for both children and adults. Dr Bill Sears takes and recommends the Omega-3 fish oil supplements from Vital Choice because of their unsurpassed quality.  

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